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The Benefits of Utilizing Team Extensions in Software Development

Farrell Keeling
The Benefits of Utilizing Team Extensions in Software Development

Every business across the globe aspires to not only enhance the quality of their products but also the speed of delivery – two factors that are not always concurrent. When it comes to developing software, there is a high demand for developers who can raise the bar in helping organizations deliver meaningful (and, ideally, disruptive) software solutions that propel them ahead of their competitors.

However, given the much-maligned talent shortages plaguing the market, many firms are left saddled with the near impossible challenge of securing IT professionals with appropriate skill sets and a track record of enhancing enterprise projects. Things aren’t all doom and gloom however, as many companies are rightly investing in remote software teams to sidestep regional limitations in terms of the availability of software engineers – team extensions (or team augmentations) are particularly valuable in this regard.

Team Extension

But what’s in it for your organization? And how can VUSE help you benefit from the use of a team extension model?

What Are Team Extensions and How Can They Benefit My Business?

Not to be confused with the dedicated development team model of outsourcing – which involves entrusting your proposed project entirely to a separate team of developers – a team extension (or augmentation) effectively involves supplementing your in-house team with certified, experienced developers. Interestingly, according to a survey conducted by Protivit, 29% of finance VPs and CFOs polled said that they were utilizing team extensions to boost their business agility when it came to financial analysis and planning.

In a nutshell, a team extension is designed to fill the skill gaps in your own team while leaving you in control of the development process. Not to mention that it allows your organization to tap into a talent pool, that may otherwise be inaccessible, for a fraction of the costs involved with bringing in permanent IT professionals (if any are available). Think of it as a vending machine of IT expertise, if you will, allowing you to cherry-pick top talent across the globe to work immediately within your team.

Nonetheless, perhaps you have concerns over the visibility of your remote developers? Or maybe it’s difficult to determine how cost-effective the solution is compared to the process of hiring permanent staff? Whatever your worries, there are a broad range of benefits associated with the utilization of team extensions, which make the outsourcing model an incredibly attractive option to those seeking to navigate beyond the limitations of the global talent shortage.

1) Enhanced Visibility and Control

Here at VUSE, we understand that supplementing your team with remote developers can be a scary prospect at first glance. However, with a transparent hiring and setup process, we can not only take the pressure off in terms of the lengthy recruitment process but your organization will also be able to ensure that the developers we identify are a perfect fit for your team.

Your organization will benefit from the skill set of experienced developers, who can communicate effectively with your in-house team, without having to handle time-consuming onboarding or training. Furthermore, should your organization require a greater degree of transparency and control over your ‘extended’ developers, our client dashboard and Time Doctor integration can allow you to keep track of their performance, ensuring that your project is getting the most out of the arrangement.

Team Extension Dashboard

2) Cut Costs

Given that the average salary of developers in the United States is considerably higher than for those in Eastern Europe, it makes little sense not to utilize the cost-efficient services on offer via a team extension. Additionally, because you are hiring talent on a short-term basis, you don’t have to worry about additional costs incurred, for example, through salary negotiations or retraining existing staff, nor the risk of unsettling your current employees.

Considering that there is no quality drop-off in the talent pool available, it would be a wasted opportunity – let alone a waste of resources – for many organizations to not take advantage of a team-extension and enhance your project delivery.

3) Quicker Market Deployment

Extending off from the last two points, by cutting out the time lost on recruitment and the potentially higher costs of local developers, your business can put extra time and resources into your project, which can only enhance both the quality of the software in addition to the time to market. This can provide a clear advantage to organizations seeking to build and deliver software solutions quicker and more cost-efficiently than their nearest competitors.

How Can VUSE Help?

We can help arrange the right team extension to help your business meet its project ambitions. VUSE can offer a range of engineering talent available from our North Macedonian office to immediately slot into your existing in-house team, avoiding any potential disruption to your project. Indeed, given the vast experience of our developers, in providing unrivaled software solutions across a range of industries, you’ll be made to feel as if they were a part of your team all along.

That’s not all; we want to ensure that you can still act flexibly, according to the needs of your project, which is why you can freely scale up or down your extension team, while we handle any associated administrative duties, leaving your business free to focus entirely on software development.

Are you ready to get ahead of the competition? If you want to find out more about how VUSE can transform your project with a team extension, get in contact today!

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