Enhance Your Business Agility and Market Deployment with Our DevOps Services

Enhance Your Business Agility and Market Deployment with Our DevOps Services

The DevOps Advantage

VUSE streamlines your organization’s innovation and market deployment, with a highly automated and scalable DevOps framework. Prioritizing collaboration and automated delivery, VUSE’s DevOps services are designed to get you ahead of the competition.

Our Transformative Solutions

Security Automation

Automate and schedule security operations related tasks to scan for vulnerabilities and weaknesses with AWS WAF Security Automation solutions.

Performance Automation

Test the behavior of your application and simulate production conditions using load testing stress testing and endurance testing with AWS CodePipeline.

Monitoring and Logging

Collect and track metrics, log files, and automatically react to changes in your hosting resources with Amazon CloudWatch and AWS X-Ray. Record and monitor API calls with AWS CloudTrail.

Infrastructure as Code

Manage configurations and automatically provision custom written infrastructure with AWS CloudFormation templates and AWS OpsWorks.

Regression Testing

Test to ensure the performance of your software after it has changed or interfaced with other software.

Continuous Delivery

Build testing and leasing software with greater speed and frequency by developing in short cycles with AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeDeploy.

Why Partner up with VUSE?

  • Providing a range of suitable DevOps implementation models and devising custom KPIs tailored to your particular business project.
  • Identifying the most appropriate DevOps tool chain for your business and assisting in its integration.
  • Skilled and experienced DevOps professionals team, utilizing digital automation to reduce operational costs.
DevOps ServicesDevOps Services

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