Protect Your Business with Our SecOps Implementation and Consulting Services

We understand how important it is to protect the information needed by the organization to conduct its business. This includes identifying and managing risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information, as well as other aspects of information security such as authentication and non-repudiation.

Capabilities That Scale With Your Business

Incident Response

Quickly prioritize and respond to security threats using workflows and automation.

Configuration Compliance

Identify, prioritize, and remediate misconfigured software.

Threat Intelligence

Add content and threat analysis to security incidents.

Performance Analytics

Create real-time dashboards and reports with 50+ security-specific KPIs.

Vulnerability Management

Utilizing event data for incident creation and to identify the most impactful remediation activities for your organization.

Integration Bundles

Get security incident response integrations for automation use cases.

Our SecOps Strategy

1. Collaborate
2. Operate
3. Communicate

We hold a kickoff meeting in which we work with you to identify and address the expectations and scope of work regarding the SecOps services.

Our expert team acts as an extension of your team, managing certain aspects of your SecOps process and remaining in constant contact with your organization.

We keep you in-the-know of any changes or new vulnerabilities and notify you of security misconfigurations we discover as well as any performance issues that pop up.

VUSE Security ServicesVUSE Security Services

Why Choose VUSE Security?

Implementing a robust security strategy that effectively addresses the evolving nature of cybersecurity threats is paramount to ensuring the success of your organization’s cloud operations. As an experienced team in cloud engineering, VUSE can offer your business reliable cloud security solutions to ensure the protection of your data and brand reputation.

  • We provide automated threat identification and remediation with our 24-hour monitoring service, in addition to systematic regulatory compliance checks.
  • We offer scalable security capabilities that are tailored to your business objectives.
  • We are fully compliant with ISO 27001/ISO 27017, HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC2.

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