Video-Based Therapy App

The company offers video-based, head-to-toe exercise therapy programs that target the joint, muscle, tendon, and/or ligament that are causing you distress. We listen to what you tell us about your pain and suggest a customized exercise therapy program drawn from the hundreds of videos available in our library. We activate each of your subsequent custom sessions based upon your own feedback.

HIPAA Compliant

The company had an AWS implementation based on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS) however the business wanted to become HIPAA compliant and start storing patient information. Along with achieving this level of compliance the company also wanted to maintain the benefits of multi-AZ data mirroring and high availability that RDS would have provided them. With the system already in production a well-managed cut over to the new solution was required.

Deployment of an HIPAA Compliant AWS Solution

AWS is the natural home for a web-based video content business such as the company. Whilst the current engineering team at the company had a good level of understanding of architecting in AWS they turned to VUSE for the expertise in the deployment of an HIPAA compliant AWS solution.

– Secure environment with HIPAA compliance
– Seamless cutover from RDS to HA Multi-AZ DBs
– Minimal business outage
– Switch to dedicated AWS infrastructure
– Fully documented and audited infrastructure
– AWS Managed Services

Implementing a HIPAA compliant environment on AWS
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