Case Study

SaaS Digital Health Company

Our client is a SaaS digital health solution provider that is a first mover in “prescriptive digital health”–a healthcare model that enables healthcare sponsors to prescribe “curated” digital health assets and services to their end consumers and, in turn, receive actionable data of consumer behavior and health status. Their HIPAA-compliant mobile computing platform informs and empowers consumers through personalized social engagement, apps, devices and related digital assets to positively impact, educate and influence healthcare decision making and overall wellbeing.


Our client needed to create a new HIPAA compliant platform that was cloud-ready, and could store large amount of physical data.

Additionally, our client sought to:

  • Implement new platform modules
  • Change the existing applications to support new services
  • Move all the existing logic to a new platform


The client’s centralized mobile health dashboard engages and motivates consumers to adopt healthier lifestyles through personal and group pursuits using curated apps and devices.

  • The old version of the product was migrated to Amazon
  • The whole platform was developed on Node.js
  • VUSE's UI developers quickly did the backend work
  • Developed on ECMAScript 5 (ES5) platform was redeveloped to ES6

VUSE developed a prescriptive digital health platform that consists of curated apps, devices, and digital resources which deliver highly personalized digital prescriptions to patients via the digital prescriber mRx™.

VUSE tested a team-based program that integrated with curated and certified apps and devices to provide a visualization of a consumer’s progress in their health journey. They can join teams and compete while engaging in healthy lifestyle activities.

The client also has a platform, where doctors can curate patients’ wellbeing, give prescriptions, depending on the diagnosis, and others. VUSE provided complete development and Closer covered the whole code was covered with unit tests closer to production.


The platform and solutions developed and tested by VUSE enabled our client to realize the following business benefits:

  • Improved productivity
  • Decreased costs and time to market
  • Optimized processes
  • Increased number of customers
Client needed new HIPAA-compliant platform that was cloud-ready, and could store large amount of physical data.
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