Case Study

Digital Learning Platform

A digital English learning platform that provides very popular English courses online through their web platform. The platform is used by almost 50,000 students from close to 80 institutions around the world and the site is very popular with students in Mexico and Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Implementing a fault-tolerant deployment

The company has been hosting the site on on-premises servers on JBOSS for sometime, the deployment was not providing the high availability they needed. After few unexpected outages causing the web site to go down for prolonged time and the inherent risk in losing data due to the limited deployment architecture, they decided to invest in implementing a fault-tolerant deployment that would be architected to handle increased performance requirements to support the ongoing growth in popularity.


  • Move servers to EC2 instances on AWS
  • Move and Dockerize applications to EC2 instances on AWS
  • Maintain high availability & performance
  • Automated software configuration


  • Robust, scalable solution addressing resiliency
  • Auto-scaling on the application tier for handling load increases


  • Fully automated environment meets availability & performance requirements
  • Transformation to
    Agile cloud business


Having insights from monitoring tools helped us to fine tune the system and reduce the cost of the infrastructure while providing a much improved performance compared to the original deployment.

VUSE also implemented a fully automated build system that connects their SVN repository and Elastic Beanstalk and allows them to frequently release new versions of the code without requiring direct support. This has proven to be very beneficial as the organization has successfully made many code pushes to production, allowing them to run an agile process and constantly improve the service they provide to the students.

Implementing a robust, autoscaling environment for handling high load on application
Services & Tech
Cloud Infrastructure, Amazon VPC, Amazon RDS, Amazon EC2, Amazon ELB and AWS Auto Scaling

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